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Guards: Wheel Guards

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of cast iron wheel guards. Select from the list below to find the curb and sidewalk guards that fit your needs

R-4986-D and R-4986-DG Wheel Guard+

R-4986-D and R-4986-DG

Wheel Guard

Heavy Duty

Wheel Guards are 3/4 round castings manufactured to be installed at garage door type entrances or outside corners of buildings. They provide protection from impact of vehicles that may be entering or traveling very close to these areas of the building. Anchor holes are furnished in the guards for bolting directly to the building. If the specification requires the Wheel Guards to be filled with grout, openings are provided to accomodate this (order R-4986-DG).

Guards are available with or without extensions.

Guard bases are normally imbedded about 1" in concrete to ensure proper base anchorage.

R-4986-D Wheel Guard

R-4987 Stair Nosing+


Stair Nosing

Heavy Duty

R-4987 Stair Nosing

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All dimensions are listed in inches unless otherwise noted.

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