In 1872, William Aylward opened the Aylward Plow Works in Neenah Wisconsin. Little did he know the direction his small plow company would go in the next couple of decades. Aylward Iron Works laid the groundwork for what would become Neenah Foundry. While the country would weather many storms in the 20th and 21st century, Neenah Foundry retained a steadfast presence in the water and sewer industries. Neenah Foundry was able to grow during the Great Depression due to WPA projects, supplied war materials in World War II and grew to become the national leader in construction castings during the economic boom of the 1950s.

Through the years, Neenah Foundry expanded its product lines beyond manhole covers & drainage grates. Neenah Foundry’s expansive product lines now include tree grates, trench grates, downspout adapters, cast iron decorative bollards, and detectable warning plates among others. Based in Neenah Wisconsin, we have been producing American made products made by American workers because AMERICA IS BUILT ON NEENAH.


William Aylward opens Aylward Plow Works which shortly becomes Aylward & Sons Iron Works.


Aylward & Sons produces municipal castings for the first time.


Aylward & Sons renames the company Neenah Foundry.


America enters World War II.  Neenah Foundry switches its focus to supplying war materials.


Neenah Foundry installs its first automatic molding line.


President Eisenhower signs the Federal Aid Highway Act, creating new sales and distribution opportunities for Neenah Foundry.


Neenah Foundry opens Plant 2 which at the time is the world’s largest and most automated facility for the manufacture of construction castings.


Neenah Foundry opens Plant 3 next door to Plant 2.


Neenah Foundry celebrates its 100th anniversary with an employee base over 1200.


Neenah Foundry installs our BMD molding line in Plant 2.


Neenah Foundry closes its original Plant 1, shifting production to Plants 2 & 3.


The Aylward family sells off its interest in Neenah Foundry ending 125 years of ownership.


Neenah Foundry acquires Deeter Foundry in Lincoln, Nebraska.