Airport Castings: Slotted Vane Drain

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of slotted vane drains for the airport sector. Select from the list below to find the slotted vane drains that fit your needs.

R-3599-B Airport Slotted Vane Drain+


Airport Slotted Vane Drain

Catalog Number Grate Type Square Feet Open Weir Perimeter Lineal Feet
R-3599-B L 0.2 2 per foot


Neenah's cast iron slotted vane drain offers ease of installation along with the superior vaned configuration to capture previously unexpected quantities of water when placed perpendicular to the flow.

Installation is accomplished by sawing a slot in the top of conventional PVC pipe, placing the pipe on the grade, installing the cast iron slotted vane drain in place, and pouring the concrete. When used in conjunction with a vane grate inlet, virtually all of the surface water which would normally bypass the catch basin, can be captured. This permits the spacing between inlets to be increased.

An additional benefit is the added safety factor obtained should the catch basin be plugged or covered with snow. The unit may also be installed wherever sheet flow capture is required.

Slotted vane drains shown are allowed per FAA advisory circular AC 150/5370-10A Change 11.

  • For installation information, refer to R-3599-A

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