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Our cast iron detectable warning plates are the most rugged, easy-to-install DWPs available on the market today. Our one-of-a-kind detectable warning plates feature a unique boltless locking design that makes proper installation a snap. And because they’re made from iron, Neenah Foundry DWPs wear like iron — standing up to decades of abuse from snowplows, foot traffic and Mother Nature.

Detectable Warning Plates+

Detectable Warning Plates

Regulatory-compliant cast iron Detectable Warning Plates from Neenah Foundry offer appealing aesthetics, exceptional longevity and freedom from maintenance. By using Neenah’s Detectable Warning Plates, specifiers can be confident that the critical warning message will be delivered for the lifetime of the installation.

Detectable Warning Plates

Quick Connect Plates

Depth x Width Catalog No.
24" x 24" 4984-24Q
24" x 30" 4984-30Q
24" x 36" 4984-36Q

Bolted Plates

Depth x Width Catalog No.
24" x 24" 4984-24B
24" x 30" 4984-30B
24" x 36" 4984-36B

Radius Plates

Depth Radius Catalog No.
24" 9' 5" 4984-9-5R
24" 15' 4984-15R
24"" 20' 4984-20R
24" 25' 4984-25R
24"" 35' 4984-35R

Wears Like Iron Because It Is Iron!

  • Lasting form and function — we have never had one fail
  • Installations with natural finish are maintenance-free
  • Highly resistant to snow plow and shovel damage
  • Lasting non-skid properties
  • Excellent cast iron to concrete adhesion properties
  • No need for replacement features — our plates are permanent
  • 5-yr limited warranty
  • Vent holes release gasses and air for maximum concrete contact
  • Furnished lifting brackets simplify installation
  • Can cover long runs using radius or straight sections

Trouble Free Installation

  • Plates easily set in wet concrete
  • Integral lugs ensure solid attachment
  • Cap head screws can be added for extra anchorage

Premium Material

  • Low-maintenance cast gray iron
  • Excellent wear resistance — virtually indestructible
  • Cast iron far outlasts competitive substances
  • Natural patina provides ample visual contrast

Guidelines for Accessible Rights-of-Way

The ADA and ABA have specific guidelines that refer to numerous issues concerning detectable warning. Neenah Foundry’s Detectable Warning Plates help you meet these requirements.

Neenah recommends that specifiers review prevailing national, state and local guidelines to ensure full compliance.

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