LiftMate Hinge System

The patent-pending LiftMate™ Hinge System eases operation and access while virtually eliminating many of the traditional hazards of working with manhole and grate covers. The LiftMate Hinge System uses a controlled motion pivot to help protect against excess strain and on-the-job injuries.

LiftMate Hinge System+


Hinge System

Neenah Foundry has advanced municipal castings to a whole new level of function and safety. Our patent pending LiftMate™ Hinge System eases operation and access while virtually eliminating many traditional hazards of working with covers for manholes, grates and trenches.

The LiftMate™ Hinge System provides a controlled motion pivot that helps protect workers from excess strain or off-balance maneuvering. That helps prevent on-the-job accidents as well as reduces lost-time injuries.

LiftMate Hinge System

LiftMate Frame, Solid Gasketed Lid

Clear Opening Frame Height
R-1550-LM 21" dia. 9"
R-1642-LM 24 1/8" dia. 7"
R-1650-LM 24 1/8" dia. 4"
R-1739-ALM 36" dia. 6"
R-1743-LM 30" dia. 6"
R-1753-ALM 27 1/8" dia. 7"
R-1755-F2LM 25" dia. 7"

LiftMate Inlet Frame, Grate

Clear Opening Frame Height
R-3210-ALM 22" x 22" 6"
R-3210-LLM 22" x 22" 6"
R-3222-1ALM 22" x 19 1/2" 7"

LiftMate Trench Frames, Airport Grates

Clear Opening Frame Height
R-4994-HALM 22" trench 6"

Refer to the specific catalog sections for complete details on the above items.

Neenah Foundry is continually adding additional LiftMate™ offerings, please contact us for your needs.

Premium Performance

  • Strong yet light platen gray iron lids provide excellent sound dampening
  • Excellent strength and wear resistance – almost indestructable
  • High-quality precision castings in a range of sizes

Ball-and-Socket Hinge

  • Unique design provides stability when opening or closing cover
  • Handhole allows opening with a simple lever or pickaxe to significantly reduce lifting effort
  • "Hold-open" safety arm prevents accidental closure
  • Performance tested to more than 13,000 open-and-close cycles
  • Cover easily disengages for removal or replacement
  • Allows closure without having to lift full weight of cover
  • Helps prevent back injuries and lost time

Functional Flexibility

  • Optional watertight application
  • Security bolting options available
  • Custom logo lids available
  • Compatible with most internal sealing boots

Why choose a LiftMate?

  • No deadlifting to close covers
  • Safety arm prevents accidental closure
  • Ball-and-socket hinge adds stability when opening and closing
  • Available in a range of sizes

LiftMate Hinge System

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