Concrete Floor Protectors

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of concrete floor protectors. Select from the list below to find the concrete floor protector that is a perfect fit for your needs.

R-4972 Series Concrete Floor Protector+

R-4972 Series

Concrete Floor Protector

Heavy Duty

Cast iron grids provide a surface resistant to impact, abrasion and corrosion - affording better traction. Laid in areas subjected to heavy truck traffic, floor grids are invaluable in protecting the floor from excessive wear. Concrete is poured flush with the top of the casting so that the exposed iron protects the concrete. Grate is pushed into concrete as it is poured.

R-4972 Series

Catalog Number Size Thickness
R-4972-C 24x24 7/8
R-4972-D 18x36 7/8

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