Installation Instructions

Sediment Basket™ Installation Instructions

Sediment Basket Installation Instructions

SedCatch Sediment Baskets are designed to be easily and quickly installed, by just one individual. Each Sediment Basket is built to the exact size as the grate, so every installation is flawless.

  1. To install, simply remove the inlet grate, then set the main Sediment Basket on the seat of the frame.
  2. Place the Dump Basket inside the main basket.
  3. If the inlet has a curb opening, as shown, a diverter is required. Simply attach the diverter to the grate with the pre-attached wires; making sure the fabric is tucked as shown.
  4. Lastly, place the inlet grate back into position.

Sediment Cage™ Installation Instructions

Sediment Cage Installation Instructions

Installing the Sediment Cage is an easy, one-man job that can be done in a matter of minutes. This method makes a positive seal and it is impossible for the water to get under or around the Sediment Cage. There is no chance of inadequate backfill or compaction issues. Removal is just as simple and does not require tools, restoration work or debris to haul away. Lift the grate and slide out the geotextile skirt — you can even take it to the next job.

  1. Raise one side of the street grate and position the Sediment Cage so its skirt is underneath.
  2. Lower grate.
  3. Pick up the opposite side of the grate and place the skirt under the grate.
  4. Continue this process until the Sediment Cage skirt is under the remaining two sides.
  5. Replace the grate.