SedCatch Sediment Baskets™

SedCatch Inlet Protection Products come in a wide-variety of sizes. The Sediment Baskets provide inlet protection with multiple overflows to maximize performance capabilities of sediment removal and to keep the paved area usable. They are designed to fit street grates of all sizes and require no adjustments, assembly or equipment to service.

When it comes to servicing the inlet, only one person is required for the job. The Dump Basket™ makes sediment removal fast and easy. The Dump Basket can withstand multiple uses and is the proprietary feature that separates the SedCatch products over others on the market, because of its ease-of-use.

The Sediment Baskets come in the following types to fit the following inlets:

  • Round
  • Rolled Grate
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • V Gutter

SedCatch Inlet Protection Products sit under the drainage grate, which leaves no unsightly or jumbled messes of material and the street is clean after any rain. A diverter is needed on combination inlets (where there is a grate and throat opening in the curb). The diverter sits in front of the curb opening and directs water into the basket for filtering by the Sediment Basket and acts as a barrier for heavy sediment that is being pushed along by the water during heavy rains to avoid street flooding. When the water and sediment hit the diverter, it directs it through the grate and down into the Sediment Basket making the cleanup easy and mess free.


The SedCatch Sediment Basket has been subjected to full-scale testing by TRI/Environmental, Inc. On the 1.5 percent sediment load test, all of the water was filtered, and it collected an excess of 80 percent of the sediment load introduced.

On the 6 percent sediment load test, 100 percent of the water was initially filtered. Over time, the accumulated sediment reduced the filtering capacity of the device, such that, some of the water passed through the overflow. In practice, as flows taper off, 100 percent of the water would be filtered. The Sediment Basket collected nearly 64 percent of the introduced sediment for the entire rain event, as opposed to similar products on the market.

A Sediment Basket has more than three times the geotextile filter area and more than three times the overflow area of the impractical grate cover and tube method. The two-basket design collects sediment like a coffee filter – there is no need to remove the main basket. This method makes sediment removal much easier and reduces wear and tear, which is one of the many reasons sediment baskets, have such a long lifespan.

Advantages to Using a SedCatch Sediment Basket

  • SedCatch baskets are made to fit specific grates, making installation foolproof.
  • Removal of sediment takes minutes and only requires one person, because of the proprietary design of the Dump Basket.
  • The geotextile fabric and durable design ensures product longevity, during testing it held 153.4 pounds.
  • SedCatch baskets are independently tested, unlike anything on the market, to guarantee the effectiveness of sediment removal.

Download complete SedCatch Sediment Basket testing results here:

Sediment Basket Sizes

Each basket is built to fit every different inlet on the job, including your area standards. Contact a sales representative to give you a detailed overview of our products and what would be the best solution for your jobsite. We will take care of the details for you.