Tree Grates & Guards

Neenah Foundry manufactures beautiful cast iron tree grates and guards in a variety of sizes and shapes. Protect your trees and add a touch of class and sophistication to your landscaping project — many of our designs even allow for the inclusion of your city, neighborhood or company logo. Whether for a downtown street, a quaint suburban neighborhood or a new stadium or amusement park, Neenah Foundry is certain to manufacture a line of tree grates or guards that meet your exacting specifications.

Neenah Tree Grates

2-Piece Tree Grates

Neenah is well known in the industry as a manufacturer of two-piece tree grates. We recommend using two-piece (180 degree section) tree grates for the best stability and longevity.

Why Cast Iron?

Unlike steel, cast iron is inherently resistant to continued corrosion. When left unpainted, cast iron tree grates and frames will remain unchanged for decades. Cast iron tree grates from Neenah Foundry are strong and will stand up to urban abuse. (Note: not recommended for vehicular traffic.) Cast iron tree grates are heavy enough to deter unauthorized removal without the need for lock down devices.

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