Tree Grates: Fabricated Tree Guards

Most tree grate units are furnished standard with four inconspicuous guard lugs on the underside to facilitate attachment of tree guards.

Neenah Tree Guards are manufactured from hot rolled, pickled and oiled mild steel in the five standard illustrated styles. Guards are designed to be attached in four places to bolting lugs which are integrally cast to the underside of the tree grate.

Neenah Tree Guards are manufactured using .5" flat and .625" square steel stock. Our use of these heavier materials sets Neenah’s Tree Guards apart from the others, making for a stronger and more durable product.

Neenah furnishes guards completely assembled in two half sections. Guards are supplied with the vertical bars bolted to the rings. No tree guards are available for octagonal openings.

Tree guards are furnished with black powder coat paint. (Minimum thickness 2-mils.)

Type A, B and C tree guards

Type D and E tree guards

Specify When Ordering:

  1. Style
  2. Dimension "L" (guard height as measured from top of grate – standard heights are 4', 5' or 6')
  3. Tree opening diameter
  4. Paint specifications if different from standard
  5. Shop drawings for approval

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