Trench Castings: Heavy Duty

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of heavy duty cast iron trench castings. Select from the list below to find the trench castings that fit your needs.

R-4990 and R-4999 Series+

R-4990 and R-4999 Series

Heavy Duty Trench

Materials: All frames and grates/lids are furnished standard in Gray Iron, Class 35-B for heavy-duty use. For extra heavy-duty use or superior durability requirements, see our Airport and Port Grating Series and our R-4993 & R-4994 Series.

R-4990 and R-4999 Series

Catalog No.
Catalog No.
A B C Type A Type C Type D Type E Type P Type Q
x – indicates availability
R-4990-AX R-4999-AX 8 1-1/2 6 x x x x x  
R-4990-BX R-4999-BX 10 1-1/2 8 x x x x x  
R-4990-CX R-4999-CX 12 1-1/2 10 x x x x x x
R-4990-DX R-4999-DX 14 1-1/2 12 x x x x x x
R-4990-EX R-4999-EX 17 1-1/2 15 x x x x x  
R-4990-FX R-4999-FX 20 1-1/2 18 x x x x x  
R-4990-GX R-4999-GX 23 1-1/2 21 x x x      
R-4990-HX R-4999-HX 26 1-1/2 24 x x x x   x
R-4990-JX R-4999-JX 30 2 27 x x x      
R-4990-KX R-4999-KX 33 2 30 x x x x    
R-4990-LX R-4999-LX 36 2 33 x x x      
R-4990-MX R-4999-MX 39 2 36 x x x      
R-4990-NX R-4999-NX 45 2 42 x x x      
R-4990-OX R-4999-OX 51 2 48 x   x      

Read Carefully Before Ordering

The various standard trench drains are available with a number of alternatives. It is important to examine all of the variables carefully and specify your requirements fully. Your order will be entered correctly and promptly if includes the following information:

  • Complete catalog number
  • Frame and pieces, when required
  • Type of lid or grate: A, C, D, E, P or Q
  • Length of trench sections
  • Angles and intersections *
  • Load requirements

* Trenches with angles, intersections, size changes, or other special requirements require detail drawings prior to ordering. Contact your sales representative or product engineering for assistance.

R-4990 and R-4999 Series

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