Valves & Gates: Pressure Relief Valves

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R-5000 to 5002 Series+

R-5000 to 5002 Series

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure relief valves are suitable for sub-grade concrete tanks of all kinds. Outside water pressure forces the relief valve open and allows water to enter the tank. This tends to control buoyancy of the tank and prevents floating.

All valves furnished standard with neoprene seat mountings unless otherwise specified. Alternate bronze seat mounting available on special order. Specify length when ordering.

R-5000 to 5002 Series Pressure Relief Valve

Catalog Number Type Inside Diameter Flange Diameter Lid Diameter Length
R-5000 C 4 6 6-3/4 10 to 25
R-5001 A 4 6 6-3/4 12
R-5001-1 A 6 8-1/4 8-1/2 12 to 26
R-5002 B 4 9 5 12 to 24

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