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Neenah Enterprises, Inc. Makes $2.5 Million Equipment Investment at Neenah Foundry

Investment increases ductile production by more than 20 percent

Neenah Enterprises, Inc. (NEI) recently invested $2.5 million at the Neenah Foundry located in Neenah, Wis. The investment allows for increased production of ductile iron from 35 tons per hour to 42 tons per hour – a 20 percent increase. NEI operates multiple facilities across the U.S., each offering unique capabilities and areas of expertise. “As the industry evolves, our clients are beginning to increase the demand for ductile iron,” said Tom Riordan, CEO of Neenah Enterprises, Inc. “NEI is committed to serving the needs of our clients the best we can, which is why we needed to increase our ductile production, and was the driving force in this investment.”

Demand for ductile iron is growing in many industries. While similar to gray iron, ductile iron boasts more strength, flexibility and impact resistance.

The project was completed in two phases – the first was finished in winter 2014, which was building and installing the infrastructure to support new equipment, and the second phase saw the installation of equipment to expand ductile production.

The Neenah Foundry specializes in gray and ductile iron for heavy truck, agriculture and construction manufacturers and suppliers. It is NEI’s largest facility, and is able to mold gray and ductile iron both vertically and horizontally on its five mold lines, as well as produce a wide range of castings. With Neenah’s state-of-the-art KW Line, which can produce castings up to 2,000 pounds, NEI is prepared to tackle the largest projects well into the future

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