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Pipe Size Dimension A - Grate Dimension Dimension B - Grate Thickness Dimension C - Clear Opening Dimension DD - Lower Frame Diameter Dimension E - Frame Dimension Dimension F - Frame Height Grate Type Open Area Perimeter Shape
15 13-1/4 1-1/2 " 11-1/2" 17 4 G 0.3 3.5 Round
All dimensions are listed in inches unless otherwise noted.

Heavy Duty
Sized to fit snuggly into corrugated or similar piping
Additional anchorage to metal pipe may be accomplished by drilling holes in the sleeve or barrel portion of the frame and bolting the frame in place. Frames can be furnished drilled for this purpose on special order.
For Bolted units see, R-6462-2 Series. For flange down units, see R-1792 Series

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