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Mooring Eye is placed on subgrade and filled with sand to exclude concrete during the pouring and finishing operation. Sand is easily washed out when paving is completed. Socket opening at bottom of Mooring Eye for wood or metal stake to bring to grade. Square socket design prevents displacement while concrete is being poured, and if required, the hole provides drainage to the subgrade after Mooring Eye is in place. Alternative method of setting is to push the Mooring Eye in position in wet concrete. Both methods are approved

When used with bituminous slab, the Mooring Eye should be set in concrete base before paving. Design permits in-flowing of concrete, and the wide base ensures proper anchorage. Ribs on the R-3490 and R-3490-A have 1/2″ holes for reinforcing rods if needed. R-3490-B has 1-1/8″ cored holes in ribs.

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