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Description Type A- Guard Height E-Guard Thickness P-Curb Radius Y
Curb and Sidewalk Guards Taper Curb As Specified 3/4 inch As Required Any Degree Required
All dimensions are listed in inches unless otherwise noted.

Heavy Duty

Used for protection of concrete curb, traffic islands, parking areas, driveways and similar installations.

Cast iron guard is securely bonded to concrete and eliminates damage to concrete curb. Coefficients of expansion of cast iron and concrete are identical for all practical purposes, making the bond between metal and concrete unaffected by temperature changes. Cast iron elements resist abrasion and corrosion and are a permanent installation. Impact will not cause surface damage.

Any curb guard on this page can be furnished in Ductile Iron for special applications. Ductile Iron has all the advantages of gray iron, plus the high strength, toughness, ductility and wear-resistance of steel.

Guard sections are manufactured in maximum 36″ lengths; corner radii can be made to fit any irregular-shaped area around which a curb is necessary, on special request.

When ordering, please specify:

  1. Catalog Number
  2. Type of Curb
  3. Complete dimensional information including variables as shown in table key
  4. Special requirements (send sketch)
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